Use this Stewart Superior S40 Calculator Ink Roller for printing.

This ink roller is to be used in electronic printing calculators.

It is easy to use and long-lasting and easy to fit into your machine.

For use in:

Aurora 14PD, 18PD, PR220, Canon MP120DM, P121XPD, P32D, Casio HR110, FR320, FR2600, FR110, FR221S, HR160L, HR170L, FR2650, 114ER, 115ER, DL250S, DL270, DL270A, DL270Z, DR1220, Citizen CX115, CX110, CX55, CX123, CX120, CX215, Decimo 1245MPD, IBico 1212, 1215, IC1222, 1215

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 170 × 110 × 20 mm


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