These Kraft Postal Tubes are the perfect product to send larger documents without having to bend or fold them. With a secure construction, these tubes are designed to protect your contents from a range of damage. The end of this tube is sealed with a plastic stopper, providing you with an easy way to keep your information secure and safe.

Tubes measuring 711x101mm.

  • Postal tube for easy sending of large documents
  • Removes the need to fold documents
  • Protective material stops damage to your items
  • Lid ensures contents are secure in posting
  • Ideal for posters, blueprints and other large documents up to A1 size
  • Diameter: 101mm (4 inch)
  • Length: 711mm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Pack single

Please check stock prior to payment, our stock levels change daily.

Email us at or call 0151 355 3160

Total in-store for collection today 5, this item can be ordered and with us in a few days depending on the quantity required.

Weight 345 g
Dimensions 720 × 110 mm


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