The Lexmark 0080D2979 ink cartridge multipack is just the thing to save you time and money. The Lexmark 0080D2979 ink cartridge multipack contains two important cartridges: the Lexmark No.14 ink cartridge, also known as the Lexmark 018C2090E ink cartridge, and the Lexmark No.15 ink cartridge, also known as the Lexmark 018C2110E ink cartridge. These two ink cartridges combine to form the Lexmark 0080D2979 ink cartridge multipack, which is everything you need to create high-quality prints with your Lexmark printer.


Lexmark Printers X2600,X2620, x2630, X2650, x2670, Z2300, Z2310, Z2320

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 145 × 95 × 45 mm


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