This compatible C13T07114011 Black ink is specially formulated for vibrancy and reliable performance on plain and specialty paper. The compatible Epson T0713 printer ink is a resin-coated pigment that adds a protective layer to preserve colorants and ensure bright and longer-lasting results. Photographs are imbued with smooth, accurate shades of yellow and realistic skin tones when printing with the compatible Epson C13T07114011 Black cartridge.


D78, D92, Stylus D120, Stylus DX4400, Stylus DX4450, Stylus DX7400, Stylus DX7450, Stylus DX8400, Stylus DX8450, Stylus DX9400F, Stylus Office BX300F, Stylus Office BX310FN, Stylus Office BX40W, Stylus Office BX600FW, Stylus Office BX610FW, Stylus S20, Stylus S21, Stylus SX100, Stylus SX105, Stylus SX110, Stylus SX115, Stylus SX200, Stylus SX205, Stylus SX210, Stylus SX215, Stylus SX218, Stylus SX400, Stylus SX405, Stylus SX410, Stylus SX415, Stylus SX510W, Stylus SX515W, Stylus SX600FW, Stylus SX610FW, WorkForce Pro WP4500 Series, WorkForce Pro WP4515DN, WorkForce Pro WP4535DWF, WorkForce Pro WP4545DTWF, WorkForce Pro WP4595DNF

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 95 × 80 × 30 mm


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