High-Quality Compatible Replacement Twin Spooled Typewriter Ribbon
for Calculators, Time Clocks and Terminal Printers. Made with High-Quality High-Density Nylon giving an Excellent Character yield.


Canon CP1231, CP2000, CP2010, EP102, F10P, F20P, F22, MP14,MP16,  MP131, MP141,  MP142, MP1000, MP1000, MP1210, MP1211, MP1212, MP1213, MP1214, MP1216, MP1217, MP1218, MP1420, MP1422, P1211D, P1212D, P1214D, P1230, P1240D, P1260D, P1411D, P1421D, P1440D,  P1441D, P3210D, P3211D, P4220D, P4420D, SV10, SV20, SX110,  SX500

Sharp 4151, 4251, CS521, CS523, CS616, CS621, CS626,  CS628, CS6302, CS641, CS642, CS1151, CS1153, CS1155, CS1164, CS1165, CS1183, CS1194, CS1604, CS1608, CS1612, CS1622, CS1780, CS2181, CS2604, CS2606, CS2608, CS2610, CS2612, CS2622, CS2630, CS2635, CS2670, CS2680, CS2770A, CS2850, CS4151, CS4152, CS4154, CS4163, CS4164, CS4251, CS4263, CS4266, CS4287, CS4500, CS4501, CS4610, CS4630, CS4632, CS4690, CS4800, EL1057, ER1072, ER1871

Hermes 100

NCR 210, NCR 7740, NCR Calculator 18-36

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 35 mm


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