Rotring Rapidograph nibs are designed and crafted with precision for superior performance, the Rapidograph Replacement Nib offers exceptionally slender writing and drawing tip.

Achieve exquisite detail work in your drawing and enjoy long-lasting use.

This is a replacement nib for your favourite Rotring Rapidograph technical pen.

Line widths are easy to read with colour-coded barrels, so you can work faster and more precisely.

Achieve exquisite detail with a thin tip honed for technical precision.

– Wear-resistant hard chrome-plated thin tip prevents dripping and blobbing
– The hard chrome-plated thin tip produces exquisite detail work
– The wear-resistant tip prevents dripping and blobbing
– Designed and crafted with precision for higher performance
– Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including line-board, tracing paper and vellum drawing paper
– Colour-Coded Barrels (white)

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 60 × 35 × 15 mm


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