The original signature coffee from Nescafe combines medium roast arabica and robusta beans to create a deep, full-bodied flavour. It is this distinctive taste that has made Nescafe Original a popular and well-loved brand, used in homes and offices all over the UK as a popular everyday coffee. Sold in a premium 1 kg catering tin with click-to-close technology to lock in flavour and keep the coffee tasting fresh, this coffee will keep your workforce running at full strength.

  • The new tin shape makes the tin more comfortable to hold, easier to serve from and more space-efficient
  • The new hinged lid uses Click-to-Close technology, always ready to seal in the flavour of the coffee
  • A carefully balanced blend of arabica and robusta beans
  • Freeze-dried to maintain maximum flavour
  • Provides approximately 420 cups of coffee
  • Ideal for catering and office kitchens
Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 250 × 220 × 90 mm


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