Cuts in 5mm strips 7-litre basket Auto and Reverse functions High-security Dispose of your important documents, bank statements and much more with this fantastic Strip-Cut Shredder. Features: High-security Shreds up to 5 sheets Automatic paper detection Cut strip width: 7mm Forward/reverse function additional Useful Information: Do Insert the paper to be shredded vertically and cleanly, without any folds or kinks in the paper. Up to 5 sheets (of A4 paper) can be shredded at any one time. Do empty the waste bin regularly to avoid jams. After around 40 sheets of shredded A4 paper, the bin will need emptying. Clear all debris from the cutter wheels. Don’t feed waste paper in at an angle. This will cause kinks and wrinkles in the paper as it is pulled into the shredder, resulting in a paper jam. Do switch off the shredder (at the mains) before attempting to clear blockages or emptying the waste bin. Do allow the shredder to cool for about 15 minutes after every 3 minutes of continuous use. The power will reset and shredding can be resumed. The compact and stylish design makes this shredder ideal for the small office or home office use. Product Information: Strip-Cut Shredder High-security 7-litre waste bin Paper feed opening: 22cm Dimensions: 30 x 26 x 12cm approx.

Weight 1540 g
Dimensions 305 × 285 × 160 mm


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